Monday, January 5, 2009

Stabilizing Your Camera In A Driving Car

"The obvious solution is to use your window as a place to rest your lens on, like a hobo tripod.  The thing is that the window edge is not the most comfortable object in the world to rest a lens on.

One thing that you can do is keep a bean bag in the car. They are small, provide excellent mount and you can even make them yourself. Now you can roll down the window, place a bean bag on the car and TADA!! An instant tripod"

Friday, November 28, 2008

Menjual di sini!


credits to fadza rafidelics


What is Bed-Pod?
Bed-Pod is camera support which allows you to capture steady photos. The bags are fantastic at eliminating camera shake. It is also known as camera bean bag. It is widely use as an alternative for tripod. You can use Bed-Pod on wall, car surface or fence. Put it on the smooth surface and it won't slide down. Use your creativity to make full use of it. Bed-Pod is compact and light, so leave you heavy,bulky tripod at home.

10" x 7.5" RM10
12" x 8.5" RM13
13" x 9.5" RM15

Maroon, grey, purple and blue - in stock. Can try request for other colors, will try and find it for you.

If you have inquiry or want to place order. Please email me at